Euro to Peso in Banco Azteca

Last update: Sat 20/04/2024 17:00 - Central Time Zone, Mexico
Buy17.300.00 0.00%Sell19.040.000.00%(today)
Change (Buy)
7 days 0.502.98%
30 days 0.150.87%
90 days -0.40-2.26%

Reverse Exchange Rate (MXN/EUR)

With these ratios the inverse exchange rate, Mexican peso to euro (MXN/EUR), is 0.0578 today.

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Daily details on Euro to Peso rates

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Other Banks/Institutions giving euro to mexican peso exchange rates

BanksChange (today) Buy / Sell *
BBVA Bancomer0.00%16.3219.03
Banca Mifel0.00%18.20
Banco Santander0.00%18.1952
Banco de México0.00%18.3265
Mercado Cambiario0.00%18.21
*: Rows that contain single value should be considered as sell rates.

Conversion Table for euro to mexican peso in Banco Azteca

QuantityAverage Price (Buy)
1 EUR17.3000 MXN
2 EUR34.6000 MXN
5 EUR86.5000 MXN
10 EUR173.0000 MXN
20 EUR346.0000 MXN
50 EUR865.0000 MXN
100 EUR1,730.00 MXN
200 EUR3,460.00 MXN
250 EUR4,325.00 MXN
500 EUR8,650.00 MXN
750 EUR12,975.00 MXN
1000 EUR17,300.00 MXN
2000 EUR34,600.00 MXN
5000 EUR86,500.00 MXN

Conversion Table for mexican peso to euro in Banco Azteca

QuantityAverage Price (Buy)
1 MXN0.052500 EUR
2 MXN0.105000 EUR
5 MXN0.262500 EUR
10 MXN0.525000 EUR
20 MXN1.0500 EUR
50 MXN2.6250 EUR
100 MXN5.2500 EUR
200 MXN10.5000 EUR
250 MXN13.1250 EUR
500 MXN26.2500 EUR
750 MXN39.3750 EUR
1000 MXN52.5000 EUR
2000 MXN105.0000 EUR
5000 MXN262.5000 EUR