Privacy Policy

PesoMXN ( is a Mexico focused financial technology project that aims to provide its users with accurate and recent financial data and data analysis tools. This privacy policy page discloses the methods PesoMXN and third party services used by PesoMXN use to collect and process user data.

Collected Data

PesoMXN does not collect any personally identifiable data without explicit user consent and action. The only user data collected with user consent and action are user nicks and user comments.

Automatically collected anonymous user data

There is automatically collected anonymous data when a user visits our site. This data is composed of standard website traffic logs. This data includes IP address, information about user device and software type, addresses of the web pages user visits, time of visits… This automatically collected anonymous data is standard for every website.

PesoMXN does not make use of automatically collected anonymous user data. This data is deleted regularly. Temporarily stored recent anonymous data may be only used for fixing technology problems that may occur in PesoMXN service. They are not linked to identifiable user information by any means.

Website Cookies

Website cookies are text based small data particles stored in user devices to identify users. They are used for recognizing users and customizing any website service for them, tracking user behavior and demographics for web analytics services, and displaying targeted advertisements to users according to their profiles and interests.

PesoMXN does not store any personally identifiable information in website cookies. does not share any personally identifiable data with third party services. PesoMXN and third party services integrated to PesoMXN may use cookies to give a better service through anonymous user data.

Deleting Stored Data

You can delete any personal information stored in PesoMXN by sending us your request by using the contact form that is reached though the “Contact” link in the footer of our website at the bottom of each page in PesoMXN website.

Third Party Services used by PesoMXN

There are two third party services used by that may use anonymous user data. These services are Google Analytics and Google AdSense.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a third party web analytics service to monitor website performance regarding user experience, engagement and technical performance. Google Analytics uses automatically collected anonymous user data and website cookies from PesoMXN website and other websites to generate analytical reports about user behavior and demographics. This data is never linked to personally identifiable data. PesoMXN does not share any personally identifiable data with Google Analytics.

Google AdSense

Third party vendors, including Google, use cookies to serve ads based on prior visits of a user to PesoMXN or other websites.

Uses of Google of advertising cookies enables it and its partners to serve ads to your users based on their visit to PesoMXN and/or other sites on the Internet.

Users may opt out of personalized advertising by visiting Google Ads Settings ( Alternatively, users can opt out of use of a third-party vendor of cookies for personalized advertising by visiting

PesoMXN does not share any personally identifiable data with Google AdSense.