About PesoMXN

PesoMXN (pesomxn.com) is a financial technology project publishing most recent Mexican Peso rates from several banks and institutions operating in Mexico and enabling its users with financial analysis tools. PesoMXN solely aims to be a financial data project and does not take part in any sort of currency or forex trading activity.

With PesoMXN you can reach latest Mexican Peso currency exchange rate data from more than 30 Mexican banks like Bancoppel, BBVA Bancomer, Citibanamex, CIBanco …etc. You can follow Banxico rates like FIX, Interbancario and DOF. You can also see Mexican Peso exchange rates from international foreign exchange markets.

PesoMXN provides the most functional and accurate currency converter specially designed for Mexican Peso currency exchange rates. You can convert Mexican peso amounts to commonly traded foreign currencies according to the rates of data source you choose like Mexican banks, Banxico or foreign exchange market. For web masters and developers, PesoMXN currency converter can be easily customized and added to other websites.

PesoMXN users can also follow the latest Mexican peso exchange rate news, can deep dive into exchange rate changes using real time and daily graphics and can engage in discussions using the comment functionality within the PesoMXN platform.

PesoMXN team aims to provide better technology in order to make financial data accessible and easy to understand for everyone in Mexico.