CZK/MXN - Czech Koruna to Peso

Last update: Wed 17/04/2024 13:25 - Central Time Zone, Mexico
Average Price 1 CZK = 0.717145 MXN0.0053510.75%(change today)
Change (Average Price)
7 days 0.017932.56%
30 days -0.008718-1.20%

The average czech koruna to mexican peso exchange rate is $0.717145 in Mexico now, Wednesday 17/04/2024 13:25. The average exchange rate czech koruna today. The average price of czech koruna with respect to mexican peso had a increased of 0.01793 points, which corresponds to a a rise of 2.56% in the last 7 days. In the last 30 days, CZK/MXN exchange rate fell -0.008718 points, a a decrease of -1.20% in other words. So, the climb seen today is parallel with the an increase of the last 7 days, however contradicts with the devaluation of the last 30 days.

If you want to check the inverse exchange rates, the average exchange rate of mexican peso to czech koruna is 1.3944 CZK today.

Banks/Institutions giving czech koruna to mexican peso exchange rates

BanksChange (today) Buy / Sell *
Banco Santander1.77%0.71799
Mercado Cambiario-0.25%0.7163
*: Rows that contain single value should be considered as sell rates.

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Graph for czech koruna to mexican peso rates

Daily details on Czech Koruna to Peso rates

Max todayMin today
Average Price0.7185450.711694
Last ClosingOpening
Average Price0.7117940.711794

Conversion Table for czech koruna to mexican peso

QuantityAverage Price (Average Price)
1 CZK0.717145 MXN
2 CZK1.4343 MXN
5 CZK3.5857 MXN
10 CZK7.1715 MXN
20 CZK14.3429 MXN
50 CZK35.8573 MXN
100 CZK71.7145 MXN
200 CZK143.4290 MXN
250 CZK179.2862 MXN
500 CZK358.5725 MXN
750 CZK537.8587 MXN
1000 CZK717.1450 MXN
2000 CZK1,434.29 MXN
5000 CZK3,585.73 MXN

Conversion Table for mexican peso to czech koruna

QuantityAverage Price (Average Price)
1 MXN1.3944 CZK
2 MXN2.7888 CZK
5 MXN6.9720 CZK
10 MXN13.9440 CZK
20 MXN27.8880 CZK
50 MXN69.7200 CZK
100 MXN139.4400 CZK
200 MXN278.8800 CZK
250 MXN348.6000 CZK
500 MXN697.2000 CZK
750 MXN1,045.80 CZK
1000 MXN1,394.40 CZK
2000 MXN2,788.80 CZK
5000 MXN6,972.00 CZK