Czech Koruna to Peso in Banco Santander

Last update: Sat 20/04/2024 18:30 - Central Time Zone, Mexico
Average Price0.7243890.00 0.00%(today)
*: The exchange rate shown is only indicative and does not necessarily represent the exchange rate that would be applied in transactions with the bank.
Change (Average Price)
7 days 0.0280744.03%
30 days -0.003588-0.49%

Reverse Exchange Rate (MXN/CZK)

If you want to check the reverse exchange rate, Mexican peso to czech koruna (MXN/CZK) is 1.3805 today.

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Graph for czech koruna to mexican peso rates in Banco Santander

Daily details on Czech Koruna to Peso rates

Max todayMin today
Average Price0.7243890.724389
Last ClosingOpening
Average Price0.7243890.724389

Other Banks/Institutions giving czech koruna to mexican peso exchange rates

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Mercado Cambiario0.00%0.7208
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Conversion Table for czech koruna to mexican peso in Banco Santander

QuantityAverage Price (Average Price)
1 CZK0.724389 MXN
2 CZK1.4488 MXN
5 CZK3.6219 MXN
10 CZK7.2439 MXN
20 CZK14.4878 MXN
50 CZK36.2194 MXN
100 CZK72.4389 MXN
200 CZK144.8778 MXN
250 CZK181.0972 MXN
500 CZK362.1945 MXN
750 CZK543.2917 MXN
1000 CZK724.3890 MXN
2000 CZK1,448.78 MXN
5000 CZK3,621.94 MXN

Conversion Table for mexican peso to czech koruna in Banco Santander

QuantityAverage Price (Average Price)
1 MXN1.3805 CZK
2 MXN2.7610 CZK
5 MXN6.9025 CZK
10 MXN13.8050 CZK
20 MXN27.6100 CZK
50 MXN69.0250 CZK
100 MXN138.0500 CZK
200 MXN276.1000 CZK
250 MXN345.1250 CZK
500 MXN690.2500 CZK
750 MXN1,035.38 CZK
1000 MXN1,380.50 CZK
2000 MXN2,761.00 CZK
5000 MXN6,902.50 CZK