XRP/MXN - Ripple to Peso

Last update: Wed 17/04/2024 13:56 - Central Time Zone, Mexico
Average Price8.4976-0.0124 -0.15%(today)
Change (Average Price)
1 hour2.2436%
24 hours1.4472%
7 days-19.0920%
30 days-17.0460%
90 days-9.2246%

The exchange rate of ripple to peso mexicano is $8.4976 MXN in Mexico today, Wednesday 17/04/2024 13:56. The value of fell today -0.012424 points. This equals to a a decrease de -0.15% for XRP/MXN so far since the yesterday's closing. The exchange rate of ripple to mexican peso saw a decrease -1.6224 points in the last 7 days, meaning a a decrease of -19.092%, and saw a decrease -1.4485 points in the last 30 days, corresponding to a a decrease of -17.046%. Consequently, the decrease today is parallel with the last 7 days and with the last 30 days.

With these ratios the inverse exchange rate, Mexican peso to ripple (MXN/XRP), is 0.1177 today.

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Graph for ripple to mexican peso rates

Daily details on Ripple to Peso rates

Max todayMin today
Average Price8.6258.0838
Last ClosingOpening
Average Price8.518.5087

Conversion Table for ripple to mexican peso

QuantityAverage Price (Average Price)
1 XRP8.4976 MXN
2 XRP16.9952 MXN
5 XRP42.4880 MXN
10 XRP84.9759 MXN
20 XRP169.9519 MXN
50 XRP424.8796 MXN
100 XRP849.7593 MXN
200 XRP1,699.52 MXN
250 XRP2,124.40 MXN
500 XRP4,248.80 MXN
750 XRP6,373.19 MXN
1000 XRP8,497.59 MXN
2000 XRP16,995.19 MXN
5000 XRP42,487.96 MXN

Conversion Table for mexican peso to ripple

QuantityAverage Price (Average Price)
1 MXN0.117700 XRP
2 MXN0.235400 XRP
5 MXN0.588500 XRP
10 MXN1.1770 XRP
20 MXN2.3540 XRP
50 MXN5.8850 XRP
100 MXN11.7700 XRP
200 MXN23.5400 XRP
250 MXN29.4250 XRP
500 MXN58.8500 XRP
750 MXN88.2750 XRP
1000 MXN117.7000 XRP
2000 MXN235.4000 XRP
5000 MXN588.5000 XRP